Tracking / Facebook Pixel not working on Shopify?

If you have installed the Facebook and Google Sales channel on shopify and your tracking is not working. It is down to two potential issues:

  1. You are running an ad-blocker on your borwser, which is prevent the tracking codes from firing, if so disable this and try again.
  2. Your Customer privacy settings within Shopify are blocking your Facebook and Google Sales channel from loading.

Update your Customer privacy

Login to your account and Select your Online Store > and the Click Prefernces.

tracking not working on shopify

Scroll down to Customer privacy. Uncheck both of these checkboxes, these are blocking your Facebook and google tracking from working. Before you uncheck, make sure you read the consequnces of this and take any action required Under the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), customers must give consent before their data can be tracked.