Frequently asked questions

Is brillea right for me?

brillea helps a wide variety of different eCommerce businesses and could be your perfect marketing & growth partner if:

  • You can sell directly from your own website (brillea doesn't work for Amazon or ebay stores)

  • You are looking to grow your store by increasing sales and revenue (and ultimately maximise the return on your ad spend)

  • Your store is built using Shopify or other major eCommerce platforms

  • You have an existing store and already seeing sales going through it

  • You have £1,000 a month to spend on advertising (excluding brillea cost)

  • Maybe you're finding agencies too expensive and freelancers a minefield

  • You're not looking to sell something that Facebook may frown upon (anything sex or CBD related is really difficult on Facebook)

It doesn't matter whether your selling your own products or a marketplace for other brands, brillea can help.

brillea works with all the major eCommerce platforms:

  • Shopify (we're big fans)
  • WooCommerce
  • Wix
  • Squarespace
  • Magento
  • Customer builds

As long as we can get the tracking correctly setup and we've got access to your product catalogue feed, we should be good to go.

(Please note that there is an additional cost for brillea to set up the tracking which includes the Facebook Pixel and Google Tracking. See here for more details )

So far, brillea is available just in the UK and USA. However we’re looking to roll out to other countries soon. So if you have interest in another country, get in touch and let us know.

No marketing experience necessary! Anyone can use brillea.

Your dedicated marketing expert will guide you through the process and see you on the right path.

As long as you know your business, we do all the hardwork in designing, running and optimising your ads.

If you do have a background in marketing - awesome! brillea can take care of your paid ads and free up your time to focus on other marketing stuff.

brillea love to support eCommerce businesses that are making a net positive impact on society.

This means we won’t work with anything related to:

  • porn or anything of an overtly sexual nature (to be honest anything sex related is tricky on Facebook anyway)
  • gambling
  • smoking/vaping
  • anything targets children under 16
  • anything that’s likely to promote obesity or health issues in general
  • Anything overtly political

We also won't work with any product types that Facebook frowns up. In particular, anything sex or CBD is tricky and we wouldn't be confident of getting the ads approved by Facebook.

We recognise there will always be grey areas that can be morally ambiguous, so if you’re in any doubt, please get in touch.

There’s no hidden catches but obviously at this super low price point, there are a few concessions you should be aware of. The main ones are:

  • We stick to the monthly cycles, so all changes have to be agreed upfront at the beginning of the month.

  • We won't introduce any new changes to the campaigns mid month unless already agreed.

  • If we're designing your ads, its all based on your existing images and creative assets.

  • And sadly, you'll never get to meet us face to face

Getting started

You simply click on ‘get started’ on the website and fill in our quick form. Once you receive your invite link from us, you will be guided through the next steps which are:

  1. Tell us about all about your business, objectives, target audiences etc.

  2. Sign our T&Cs

  3. Setup payment details

  4. You'll receive specific instructions of what we need from you such as access to your Facebook ad account. Don’t worry, we’ll guide you through this process.

  5. Confirm you're good to go!

Once brillea has everything needed and you give us the green light, we will arrange a kick off call and take payment and aim to have your ads live in 5 working days.

Our customers usually start with brillea about 2 weeks before they want their ads to go live.

However we do need some things from you first such as

  • access to your Facebook & Google ad accounts

  • confirmation that your analytics has been set up correctly

  • an upload of the images, photos, logos that we can use.

For some customers this takes 30 mins to provide, for others quite a bit longer. So two weeks should give you plenty of time, it gives you a week to get everything we need and brillea 5 working days to get your campaigns live once payment is made. Don’t worry, help is at hand to guide you through all of this.

Your Facebook, Instagram & Google Search ads will be live within 5 working days once we’ve received everything we need from you and you’ve completed our carefully laid out steps.

So if you can work quickly, so can brillea!

We get asked this a lot!

To test out brillea, most customers start with spending £1,000 on ads in the first month on top of the brillea cost. Then once they see the results come in and improve, they increase their spend. There is some investment needed as it takes time to get great results but brillea customers are typically seeing a 3 to 5 times return on their ad spend after 3 months.

We’ve also put together this handy tool to help you find out how much to spend depending on your business goals.

Calculate my spend

Facebook, Instagram and Google collectively allow brillea to reach and target at least 80% of your customers. They also offer the best creative and testing opportunities and can genuinely provide some awesome results.

We don't waste your money chasing other marketing channels and tactics that aren't proven and where there's not a high likelihood we can achieve some great results for you.

How brillea works

Yes brillea can do this for you!

We will produce up to 2-3 new banner ads a month for you that work well across both Facebook & Instagram.

In order to provide this at brillea’s super low price point, there do have to be some concessions.

  • We only create the ads based on the images, logos & graphics you provide

  • We provide initial copy but if you want to make any changes, you simply edit them yourselves.

If you want to use video, animation or your own ads, thats absoluytely fine and a lot of our customers do just that.

You will be introduced to a dedicated marketing expert who will ensure your ads are managed and optimised to brillea's high standards.

They will be on hand to answer any queries and guide you through our process, share insights from the previous month and make recommendations on what to test and change next month. On average you will get 15 hours a month of the marketing expert, our AI driven platform takes care of the rest.

As brillea specialises in eCommerce, we are all about maximising the return on your ad spend (sometimes referred to as ROAS).

So the main numbers we report on are

  • Your return on ad spend (for much revenue every £1 of ad spend generates)

  • Revenue generated

  • Cost per sale

We have lots more but do like to keep things simple and focussed on the metrics that matter.

Ahhhhhhh, the dreaded attribution word!

If you’re asking, you probably know that there is no ideal attribution methodology and they all have their pros and cons. So to keep things simple, brillea uses the primary attribution method determined and recommended by each platform:

Facebook & Instagram = 7 Day view though or last click attribution

Google Search = Last click attribution

As soon as your campaigns go live, you can monitor results in real time through your brillea dashboard.

We will also send you a monthly insights summary, summarising what happened that month along with the insights on what we’ve learnt and recommendations for next month.

Your dashboard is your gateway to brillea and provides handy and speedy accesss to everything you need to know about your ads and how they're performing.

  • See results at a glance
  • Spend summary
  • See what campaigns are live or paused
  • Chat with our marketing expert and marketing manager
  • Timelines for upcoming actions
  • Activity log to see what's happened
  • Help centre

With brillea, you are free to cancel your subscription at any time.

If you want to cancel, you simply choose whether to leave your ads running exactly as they are (the default) or to turn them all off.

The ad accounts and campaigns are 100% yours, so you're free access them and do whatever you want with them after we part ways.

You'll also have access to your brillea dashboard for a further 28 days.

If you just want to pause, we can re-start existing campaigns if it is within 3 months. After that, we would simply start from fresh.