Frequently asked questions

We’ve built brillea specifically to help startups and ambitious small businesses to grow through digital marketing. In particular, brillea works best if:

  • You want to generate online sales, signups/registrations, app download or followers/page likes.
  • You have between £2,000 to £10,000 a month to spend on marketing
  • Your business is B2C (or B2B but think most of your audience can be found on Google Paid Search, Facebook and/or Instagram.
  • Maybe you’re thinking of hiring an agency, freelancer or hiring someone to manage your digital marketing in house (and finding them all very expensive!).

We wanted to make brillea as flexible as possible. So there’s no fixed term contract and you can cancel at any time. We take upfront payment at the beginning of each month, so whenever you want to stop, you simply stop payment.

So very true! We’ve completely stripped out all the inefficiencies usually found in agencies by basing brillea around a tech platform rather than people. You get the best of both worlds, a tech platform, human experts when needed (and not paid for when not) and a tried and trusted growth framework. Although we can never guarantee the results, brillea gives you everything needed to offer the best chance of success and an awesome outcome.

brillea is primarily for B2C businesses due to our expertise of Facebook/Instagram & Google marketing. These allow brillea to easily reach at least 80% of your target audience. If you’re a B2B business but think your potential customers are easily found on Facebook/Instagram or just want to focus on Google Paid Search, brillea works just as well too. As there’s no fixed term contract and you can cancel at any time, its easy to trial brillea and see whether it works for you.

brillea works best for those businesses who are looking to spend between £2,000 to £10,000 a month on their digital marketing. We love helping small businesses where we recognise every single £1 you spend is important. By spending less with brillea compared to an agency, freelancer or hire, you can spend more on your Facebook, Instagram & Google Paid Search campaigns. So you get a much better return on your investment.

We get asked this a lot, so we’ve also put together this handy tool to help you find out how much to spend depending on your business goals.

Calculate my spend

So far, brillea is available just in the UK and USA. However we’re looking to roll out to other countries soon. So if you have interest in another country, get in touch and let us know.

We won’t work with anything porn, gambling, smoking/vaping related, anything that directly targets children under 16 or anything that’s likely to promote obesity or health issues in general. We recognise there will always be grey areas that can be morally ambiguous, so if you’re in any doubt, please get in touch.

There’s no hidden catches but obviously at this awesome price point, there are a few concessions. The most important one is that we stick to the monthly cycles, so any changes are agreed at the beginning of the month rather than being introduced on an adhoc basis. We can’t make ad hoc changes to your campaigns other than pausing your campaigns or our usual campaign optimisation (e.g. we can’t make changes to creative, offers etc mid cycle)