Facebook & Google Setup

Brillea: Set up fee

£200 +VAT

So that we can accurately measure and improve the performance of your ads, we need to make sure that tracking is properly set up. This is a ‘must have’ in order for us to run your ads.

What is a Facebook pixel, and why is it important?

A Facebook Pixel is an analytics tool that allows Facebook & Instagram to understand who is visiting your website and what actions they take (e.g. sale or sign up). This is really important for 3 main reasons: It’s how we measure sales or sign ups from our ads, so it’s crucial for reporting

It allows Facebook to understand what an ‘ideal’ customer looks like which helps us optimise and improve your results It helps us build ‘lookalike’ audiences to target

What is the Google equivalent?

Google Ads uses a ‘Conversion’ in a similar way, which also monitors the actions on your site to give us useful information.

What’s included in the brillea tracking setup

To ensure the accounts are set up correctly, the access is given to the right people and conversions tracked accurately, brillea will:


  • Set up your Facebook Business Manager
  • Set up your Facebook Advertising account
  • If you already have these set up, you’ll need to give us access to apply
  • Install & set up the Facebook pixel on your website based on a single action (e.g. our ultimate goal of a sale or sign up)
  • Check the above mechanism and confirm this is working accurately

Google Ads

  • Set up your Google Ads account
  • Set up the Google tracking mechanism on your website
  • Check the above mechanism and confirm this is working accurately

No hassle for you - we take this difficult, complicated, frustrating task off your hands!

We’ll complete the set up within 3 working days

What’s not included:

Once the set up is complete and checked and we start running campaigns, brillea will not be responsible for ad-hoc changes to tracking If you re-launch or edit your website, it may affect the tracking, this could result in needing to pay for set up again, so please ensure that any changes to the website are made with this in mind

How it works:

  • Brillea will review the way your website has been built
  • We will confirm that we can complete set up for you
  • Brillea will process the payment for £200 set up fee
  • You will need to give Brillea access to any relevant platforms (e.g. Facebook, Google, Shopify) - we will share simple guides of how to do this
  • We will create all the relevant accounts for you (Facebook/Google) where required and give you admin access to these so that you have complete control of them
  • We’ll let you know if we hit any hurdles, otherwise we’ll let you know when set up is complete!

Why this is important:

This is an ‘investment’ as it is a set up which can be used by you in future, regardless of whether you keep using brillea.

Getting this right from the start means we spend your media budget efficiently with correct reporting.

Now you might be thinking.. “I can do this myself” - so here’s some feedback from people who tried to:

  • “To be honest I’m a bit lost with all this”
  • “I’ve run into a complete wall and could do with some help”
  • “I'm at a real loss and can't find anything online to figure out what is causing the issue.”
  • “Totally stuck on getting the Facebook pixel set up, not sure how to proceed now”
  • “Can I just put it on record that I now have a level of ill feeling towards facebook that I didn't think I had in me.”

Get in contact with your brillea manager to get started.