How We Write Your Ads

If we’re spending money on ads on Facebook/Instagram or Google, we want to make sure it does its job. Good ad copywriting persuades your audience to click through to your website to buy a product or sign up, or to download an app. This means it’s important the copywriting functions as a guide, it should show the audience what they need to do.

  • The ads should have a clear ‘call to action’

  • ‘Fluffy’ language will muddy your message - we’ll make sure they get to the point

  • It can be tempting to cram in as much as possible. People need to get what your product is. However when it comes to the ads, we’ll need to keep it short

When someone sees your ad, we write them so that the audience should immediately know:

  1. What you’re offering
  2. How it benefits them
  3. What they should do next

We’ll write your ads then send these to you for approval before we build. If you’re not happy with them you’re welcome to tweak them, or even completely rewrite them! But you should try to keep these top tips in mind when doing so.