Google Analytics Account Linking

Linking your Google Analytics account

This article will go over how to grant Brillea access to your Google Analytics for data discovery, reporting and validation purposes.

Step 1) Click Admin

Google analytics sidebar

Step 2) Click “Account Access Management”

under your main account in the left hand column

GA access management

Now you will be asked to enter the email of the user to whom you would like to give access. You can give permissions to manage users, collaborate, edit or read and analyse. need Edit access. First, click the “+” icon.

Step 4) click the “+” icon then “Add users” from the drop-down “Add new users” from the drop-down.

ga acc permisions

Step 5) Finally, add the [email protected] email

You can select Notify this user by email to send a notification to each user you’re adding. Then make sure all permissions are given as the screenshot, then click Add.

Google Analytics brillea access