Creative Assets Requirements and Best Practices

Brillea will create your Facebook & Instagram ads based on your existing visual assets. It's really important we have the right images available to create the best performing ads.

Uploading imagery - the basics:

  1. Please upload at least 5 images and up to 15 images per folder
  2. Please ensure images are labelled correctly e.g if it is a product image, include product name in filename
  3. Upload your images in JPEG or PNG format only
  4. Try to provide a mix of images and videos if possible
  5. Try to provide photos that show (where applicable) your brand, your range of products and individual products (e.g. top 5-10 best sellers)
  6. Use relevant product/app/brand imagery that reinforces the brand/ad message
  7. Use high quality images that aren’t pixelated or blurry (As a reference, Facebook’s recommended resolution is 1,200 x 1,200 pixels)
  8. Have minimal or no copy on the images

Choosing images - things to consider:

  • Reflect your brand/customer in the ad - are you modern/smart/helpful/trustworthy?
  • Show your product in it’s best light. A simple plain background will focus the user.
  • Who is the ad targeting? What age or personality type are you marketing to? Use an image that reflects the audience.
  • Include images with people if possible. Putting people in your ads can help boost trust in the brand. It’s a great way to show customers how something fits, works, or can become part of their everyday lives.
  • Use compelling images that reflect your message and the brand. Select images that help people see the business, the people, the environment, and the benefits of the products themselves.

Video assets

  • if you have video assets we could use for the ads, please upload them. A few best practice tips here:
  • Front-load video ads with the most important information first. Your videos need to grab their attention as soon as possible.
  • Keep videos to within 7 seconds.
  • Focus on a single theme in every video; don’t try to communicate more than necessary.
  • 85% of Facebook video ads are played without sound, even when users stop scrolling to watch. Consider closed captioning, which can increase viewership.