We believe small businesses should have access to awesome marketing too

brillea intelligent marketing platform has been created to help startups and ambitious small businesses grow through digital marketing. We exist to make high quality digital marketing affordable and accessible to exciting and ambitious small businesses.

Although brillea was officially born in 2020, we have a long history with Facebook, Instagram, Google campaigns, working with startups and a relentless test and learn approach. It's just that in our former life, we were a people based agency called TrueUp rather than as the shiny new tech platform brillea.

The 10,000+ digital experiments that got us here

Liam started TrueUp; the UK's first Growth Hacking agency, over seven years ago. Over that time TrueUp enjoyed award winning success, becoming Europe's first TechCrunch ‘verified growth agency’ and worked with lots of exciting startups and large, famous brands. TrueUp created its own bespoke approach to growth that used a highly iterative approach to testing, running over 10,000+ experiments to date. We’ve embedded all this knowledge and learnings into brillea’s growth engine so you can get the benefit of 7 years of blood, sweat and tears.

It was all very well getting awesome, award winning results but it was really time intensive and the reality was that the majority of companies who approached TrueUp simply couldn’t afford their services.

Being a startup ourselves, we were well aware of the pressures and stresses of running a small but ambitious company. We love people who take on the chaos and have the determination, spirit and bravery needed to create something new. However when we looked around, there was no clear solution to really help startups achieve growth with high quality, affordable performance marketing.

brillea agency digital marketing alternative


Expensive and usually out of reach for startups and small businesses.

brillea In-house digital marketing alternative


Expensive, time consuming and comes with a high degree of risk

brillea freelancer digital marketing alternative


It's like the wild west out there.

At the other end of the scale we saw countless SAAS platforms offering to run and manage Facebook and Google Ad campaigns. These all required someone who knew what they were doing to avoid burning through money with little result.

We then started asking ourselves some questions.

What if there was another, better way?

  • What if we could build and offer something at a price point that startups and small businesses could afford?
  • Could we combine technology, AI and real marketing experts to drive better performance than more expensive agencies and freelancers?
  • What if we codified our knowledge and experience working with 150+ companies and running over 10,000 experiments across Facebook, Instagram and Google Search?
  • What if we took away all the pain and hard work of running and managing performance marketing campaigns?
  • What if we put the you in control and built a platform that allowed real time access to everything you wanted? But freed up your time to focus on other things?

This became our inspiration and drive to build brillea, a people enhanced growth marketing platform.