We made brillea to deliver better marketing for less

Here's how it works for eCommerce

Getting to
know you

The more we know about you, your brand, products, business and purpose, the smarter we can be with your marketing.

Our clever onboarding process ensures we have everything we need to help you grow and win.

Get Started

Your brief

To maximise sales and revenue

Your brand

Who you are, what you stand for and why you exist

Your products

The products you sell, your best sellers and what makes them unique

Your customers

Who your products are for and why

Tech set up

You'll need to give us access to your Facebook & Google ad accounts and connect your product catalogue through Shopify or other eCommerce platform.

We will provide a one-off setup of your Facebook pixel and Google tracking so we can accurately measure & optimise your ads based on the correct conversion points.

We'll help and guide you though every step of the process.

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Brillea Google Ads Marketing Platform
brillea makes setup easy
brillea customer setup suzie

Add your brillea manager to get set up

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Guidance when you need it

We provide you with a dedicated marketing expert. They will be on hand to guide you and ensure you get the best from brillea.

They will setup, run and manage your campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Google Search using our brillea process & methodologies.

Your expert will check in each month to go through results, insights and give recommendations on any changes to be made for the next month.

Our team of UK based experts have been hand-picked and trained to the highest standard on the brillea process.

& Google
Search ads

clever clogs

driven game

Target your future customers

Your marketing expert will help you get more sales and revenue by testing different target audiences based on remarketing, lookalikes and brand new target audiences and segments.

We guide you through the briefing process and then make targeting recommendations using the brillea approach to Facebook, Instagram and Google Search Ads.

Brillea Digital Marketing Audiences

New audiences

Find new customers by exploring new audiences based on interests, behaviours and demographics

Reach new people with lookalikes


Reach new people who are similar to your best existing customers, demographic information or interests

Remarketing Campaigns


Show relevant ads to people who have recently visited your website

Creating ads that work

If you don't have any ads yet or you're not sure where to start, we can help you by creating ads from your existing assets.

You can upload your brand guidelines and assets and we'll create performance based ads that are designed and written for Facebook, Instagram and Google.

You get a single round of design amends and you can approve, tweak or re-write the copy.


We recommend using the product images from your website for consistency. You can upload them into your dashboard and we'll create the ad for you at the right sizes.

Brillea website images
Brillea facebook advertising example


Your marketing expert will use persuasive copy written to engage and convert your audiences

already got ads?

If you have ads ready made, just upload them to your dashboard and we'll run them, optimised for your chosen channels.

Getting the most from your ad spend

At the start of each month we'll agree the maximum spend. If you're not sure how much to spend, we can guide you on this.

We then optimise your spend by re-allocating budgets against different ads and target audiences. This ensures you get the best performance from brillea and maximum return on your ad spend.

Best performing

poster boy instagram example

Last month

Budget Allocated


Based on last month's results, where Facebook ads performed best, we suggests you allocate more budget to Facebook:

This month

Suggested budget


Not sure what you need
to spend to get results?
try our ROI calculator

Continuous commitment to improving your ad performance

We continuously look for ways to improve the return on your ad spend, so each month we introduce up to 4 new tests. These could be variations of:

  • target audiences

  • offers and discounts

  • New ad creative & design

  • Copy testing

While the ads are live we optimise in a few ways including, but not limited to;

  • Allocating spend to better performing audiences

  • Reducing spend on ads that aren't working

  • Pausing ads if people begin to see them too often

Best converting ad

brillea Ads

Woah! Your audience is loving the 10% Off offer. You could reach your goal if you run more ads like this.

brillea marketing expert profile

Your results
and insights

Each month we'll provide you with an insight summary of learnings (e.g what channels, campaigns and tests performed well and which didn't) and recommendations for the following month

monthly digital marketing insights report
monthly digital marketing improvement report

Everything at your fingertips

The dashboard is your gateway to brillea and provides everything you need to know about your ads and access to your marketing expert.

  • Results
  • Insight summaries
  • What campaigns are live
  • Spend levels & targets
  • Your brief & objectives
  • Activity log
  • Help centre
  • Access to your marketing expert
Brillea Digital Marketing Dashboard