How To Create Your Google Ads Account

If you have multiple brands / websites, country locations or any other need to split each of your Google Ads Accounts into multiple accounts. It might be worth using a Google Ads Manager Account find out more.

How to Setup

  1. Head to this link, enter your email and hit Get the coupon ¹:

¹ Google offers a £75 coupon to anyone setting up their Google Ads account for the first time, you’ll be sent a coupon code which can then be added to your account. How do I add my Google Ads promo code to my account?

  1. When you get to this page, click Switch to Expert Mode at the bottom of the page. GoogleAds Setup Main Goal

  2. Select Create an account without a campaign GoogleAds Set up Wito

  3. Check the details are correct then click Submit GoogleAds SetSubmit

Your account is created!