The basics of designing a Facebook/Instagram ad

The basics

Ad specifications and recommendations

  • The templates we use are 1080x1080px square ads for both Facebook and Instagram. This size works for both single image ads and can be used to create ad carousels.
  • Use high quality images that aren’t pixelated or blurry.
  • Use minimal copy on ads.

Choosing images

Things to consider

  1. Who is the ad targeting? What age or personality type are you marketing to? Use an image that reflects the audience.

  2. The chosen image should support the tone of your marketing message.

  3. Use images that best capture the product.

  4. Include people if possible. Putting people in your ads can help boost trust in the brand. It’s a great way to show customers how something fits, works, or can become part of their everyday lives.

  5. Use compelling images that reflect your message and the brand. The images should complement the text elements of your ad and be consistent with the imagery from the customers other channels. Select images that help people see the business, the people, the environment, and the benefits of the products themselves.

Do’s and don’ts

Here are some tips that can help make your ad successful:

  • Do use minimal copy in your images. Don’t treat your ad image like a flier.
  • Do keep it simple. Ask yourself, "If I glanced at this ad for a few seconds, would it be easy to understand?" If not, try to simplify your content.
  • Do avoid lots of exclamation points. The authenticity of the ad may be diminished by using too many exclamation points, or spammy language.
  • Do use high-resolution images. Sharp images that showcase people using the product or service can boost ad performance.

Here are some things to avoid:

  • Don’t overcrowd the ad with copy or elements.
  • Don’t use too small or too large copy. Make sure your ads are readable and legible.