Prepare for iOS 14 changes

Apple has announced changes with iOS 14 that will affect how we receive and process events from tools such as the Facebook SDK and the Facebook pixel. more info.

In order to prepare for these changes that are implemented Facebook is now requiring users to make x2 actions on your account setup:

1. Domain Verification

Your domains will be configured with eight events from your existing pixel and Facebook will give your events an initial priority based on their historical importance to your business.

Please follow these steps to verify your domain.

2. Facebook's aggregated event measurement

Aggregated event measurement is a new protocol for ad performance measurement which processes web events from opted-out devices to help you run effective ad campaigns while supporting customer choices regarding ad tracking within our Facebook platform.

These events will be auto-picked up by your system but you must make sure that your facebook pixel is configured to do so. If you are using a Shopify Plugin please make sure that your Data Sharing Settings are set to Maximum this will make sure the new event system will work as the screenshot below:

Shopify Screenshot of facebook data sharing