What’s the impact of Apple’s new iOS update on Facebook & Instagram advertising?

What’s the big change Apple is making?

Apple is making some significant changes to how iPhone/iPad users control and manage their personal data. Importantly, they will ask users to pro-actively give their consent for 3rd party websites to track their behaviour. If users don’t give consent, the default setting is not to share this data.

What does it mean for my business?

To be completely transparent and honest with you, no-one really knows what the exact impact will be at this stage.

The Facebook pixel tells Facebook each time someone takes a key action on the website such as makes a purchase or visits a certain product page. If iOS14 users do not opt in to sharing their data, it means the Facebook pixel can’t do it’s work properly.

What could happen is:

  • Facebook would no-longer be able to serve product based remarketing ads to users who have visited your product pages.
  • iOS14 users will be excluded from the reporting. So even if they buy from your store, Facebook/brillea won’t know this. This means Facebook and brillea would report lower sales that have actually taken place.
  • This would give the impression of a lower return on ad spend and higher customer acquisition costs than is actually true.

What do I need to do?

You don’t need to do anything and you don’t need to panic. We’ll continue to closely monitor everything, and keep you posted with exactly how iOS14 may impact your ads as we become more aware, the roll out has just started so we’ll see how things go.

Even if we do start seeing changes, brillea can still set up clever Facebook & Instagram ads for you. There are still lots of other ways of targeting key segments and optimising your ad performance.

This is all part of the digital marketing evolution. Similar things have happened in the past that looked to be major game changers and we found a way through. Whatever happens, brillea will be at the forefront and will keep you up to date with anything you need to know.