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Launching brillea

My burning desire to make high quality marketing available to companies who deserve it.

Today I have something I’m super excited to finally share with you all - this is not something I can be accused of saying that often!

We’re officially launching brillea, a new marketing platform that provides startups and ambitious small businesses with high quality, growth orientated marketing but at a friendly price point of just £1,000 a month.

brillea in a nutshell A full service marketing platform designed to get sales, sign ups or app downloads for smaller businesses looking to launch or grow. For a fixed £1,000 month subscription, brillea will create, run and optimise digital ads across Facebook, Instagram and Google. We’re taking the pain, time and cost out of digital marketing, leaving our customers to focus on what they’re best at and - running their businesses.

We’re on the side of those who wanted to challenge the status quo and make a difference to people's lives

Having run the award winning digital agency TrueUp for the last 7+ years, two things have always constantly nagged me at the back of my mind: Agencies are expensive (they’re just not particularly efficient) Smaller businesses actually need more marketing help but lack cash, time & expertise At TrueUp I saw that most businesses who enquired about our services instinctively got what we did but simply couldn’t afford us. So TrueUp ended up mainly working with larger brands with their deep(ish) pockets. However it was startups that provided the initial inspiration for creating TrueUp and those I really wanted to help.When I spoke with the founders, I was always inspired by their passion, cause and determination to take action and risk. Being a startup & founder myself, I’m all too aware of the pressures and stresses of running a small but ambitious company with the highs and lows of cash flow, tech, people & growth. These are the very people and businesses I’ve always wanted to help.

Marketing options for startups and smaller businesses aren’t obvious

When I looked more closely, I saw that there was no clear, obvious solution to help startups and SMEs achieve growth with high quality and affordable digital marketing.

Agencies - the good ones are just too expensive (as I knew all too well) Freelancers - 5 mins on Upwork shows that it’s like the wild west out there. Perm hires - time consuming finding the good ones and often too much of a commitment early doors.

So I started thinking about a new solution. Something that would work for small businesses and startups. An empowering platform that customers could trust but at a wallet friendly price point that didn’t currently exist.

Unsurprisingly, the answer wasn’t yet another agency.

The answer became brillea So we’ve built brillea to become the obvious marketing solution for startups and ambitious small businesses. Through the platform, brillea provides everything needed to deliver optimised digital ads on Facebook, Instagram & Google. Design of ads Targeting and segmentation Full campaign setup & management Spend optimisation Clever reporting and insights Testing and continuous improvement (always at the heart of TrueUp) brillea utilises a proven approach to growth, codifying the same process we used running 10K+ ads at TrueUp as well as a network of vetted marketing experts to help manage the campaigns and guide our customers.

Is brillea an agency? Er No. The agency model simply doesn’t work at a price point needed to work for startups and small businesses. To keep costs low, brillea uses a fixed process & framework that our customers buy into. We appreciate the intricacies of both the ad platforms and agile nature of startups and this is why we’re still passionate about having humans involved and not just machines running 100% of the show. The brillea marketing experts mean there’s someone on hand to guide and advise our customers. But brillea has stripped out all the unnecessary wasted time in the form of pitches, proposals, status meetings etc, allowing us to deliver great marketing at just £1,000 a month.

Is brillea a tool? There are countless SAAS platforms offering to run and manage Facebook and Google Ad campaigns. However they all still require someone who knows what they’re doing with Facebook and Google. There’s often a lot of deep sophistication in these platforms but the reality is, it's very easy to burn through money with little result if you don't know what you're doing. So with brillea, we provide the person as well as the tool.

A new category We’re creating and championing a new category that sits somewhere between an ad tech tool and an agency (or a hybrid SAAS and marketplace if you like). No agency, freelancer or perm hire can compete with our £1k price point.

And finally I also recognise there’s a massive opportunity to help change the standard of marketing available (as truth be told, it's not always that great). Our mission with brillea is to make awesome marketing available to all. With 99% of the marketing agencies, media and platforms focussing on the 1% of businesses with money to burn, we want to shine a light on the under-served but deserving dreamers. This means two things: We committed to continuously improving the quality & effectiveness of our marketing with a goal of creating a new ‘standard’ by which others are compared.

For those businesses that can’t afford the £1k a month, we still want to help them with knowledge, tips and tricks that will be made free. We’ve made a start with our marketing spend calculator here.

So if you’re still reading and want to know more, check us out at and let us know what you think :) We don’t bite! TLDR; Is it any good? Yeah, its f**ing brillea !