What would you spend £250
of Amazon vouchers on?

Get £250 for every
business you refer

We value your judgement, so when you refer a business you believe we can help, we'll send you a £250 Amazon Gift Card if they become a paid customer.

Even better, you'll be genuinely helping a deserving business with their marketing and growth challenge. We'll even give them £250 off their first month of brillea. Easy, peezy, right?

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Why we're worth the referral

brillea takes the stress out of digital marketing with one easy, effective and affordable solution.

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Proven growth process

Used by successful startups
& global brands. More importantly,
it just works

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Cost effective

We're cheaper than comparable agencies, freelancers
or permanent hires

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Designed to win

We're on a mission to help deserving startups and small businesses grow through their marketing

Its super simple to refer someone

But hurry! You have to get your referral in before 31st October (spooky!)

Refer brillea by email

Drop them an email

Simply drop your contact an introductory email and CC [email protected] before 31.10.2020

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We'll chat directly

We'll find out what their marketing goals are and explain how we can help

brillea call direct

Get your vouchers

We'll email your £250 Amazon Gift Card when they’ve become a brillea customer

Not sure what to write?

Who we’re looking for

We understand the challenges startups and small businesses face with their marketing and getting early customers, so we created brillea to make this easier.

Help us help those who need marketing help!

  • Businesses who need sales, sign ups or app downloads to grow

  • B2C startups and smaller businesses

  • Businesses who can’t afford an agency but need marketing help

  • Businesses where Facebook, Instagram and / or Google Search seem a natural fit.

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Frequently asked questions

Once your business has started their first month on brillea and made payment to properly kick things off, you’ll get an email with your Amazon vouchers within 4 weeks.

Happy spending

No, there’s no limit to how many businesses you refer, so fill your boots !

However you’d be wise to keep an eye on our T&Cs as this offer won’t around forever.

See our T&Cs here [link]

Yes our referral programme is available to all, not just existing customers.

So if you know any startups or small businesses who need marketing help and you think would benefit from a brillea boost, go for it.

My friend, the world is your oyster :)

However if you’re having a momentary lapse and need a little help, here’s what we recommend

The Ultimate Social Distancer

Pretend to be social distancing but actually enjoy the ability of leaving the house and not having to interact with anyone else till you return.

A hoodie Zuck would be proud of!

Ok its not quite a hoodie made especially for Mark by Brunello Cucinelli but you'll still look super sharp in this bad boy

A GoPro Hero 7

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A De Longhi, Bean-to-Cup Coffee Maker

Phew. You must be tired from helping your mate finally achieve the marketing their business needs and deserves. Good job. Treat yourself to a double espresso to wake yourself up.

brillea is perfect for a wide range startups and small businesses looking to get more customers, sales, signups or app downloads.

However since you've asked, there are a few tick boxes for the business

The mandatory stuff

  • Must be B2C
  • They need UK customers
  • Have some budget and can afford at least £2k a month on marketing (including brillea)
  • Obviously needs to have a significant chunk of their business online

Some nice to haves

  • Purpose driven (these are the guys we really want to help)
  • Ideally they’re an existing businesses and already gone through the painful bit of launching
  • People you’d also want to work with! If they’re not, they probably wouldn’t be for brillea either :)