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Get paid up to £1,200 a month

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Beth’s created her own schedule to work
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Join brillea and help build the future of marketing

brillea allows flexible working

Flexible working

on where and when you work

competitive pay with brillea

Competitive pay

Get £400 for approx 2 days per month per customer, recurring

work with interesting projects

Interesting projects

Helping innovative startups achieve their goals and purpose

Work the brillea way

Your skills and experience with our process and platform is a winning combination. By following the brillea 'way' of setting up, managing and optimising digital ads, you'll be getting knockout results for your startups in no time.

work on startups based on your experience

We'll match you to appropriate startups based on your experience

access the brillea platform

Access the brillea platform to manage campaigns and chat with customers

work on startups based on your experience

Follow the brillea way on campaigns, reporting and recommendations

access to a brillea manager

Guides, tools & resources to help you

access to a brillea manager

A brillea manager on hand to support you

Get awesome results

Get awesome results that make a genuine difference

Are you a good fit for brillea?

Our community of brillea experts come from a diverse mix of backgrounds, ethnicities and experiences. However they all have something in common, they have their own purpose in life and they want to help others achieve theirs too.

Is this you? If so, join us!

  • 2+ years of running & managing Facebook, Instagram campaigns

  • 2+ years Google Search Ads (optional)

  • Based in the UK and fluent in English (but don’t have to be a UK national)

  • Wicked copywriter and know the secret ingredients to writing a great ad (we also provide this!)

  • Previous agency or freelancer experience nice but not essential

  • Happy to talk directly with customers and guide them in their growth journey

How to become a brillea expert

Our vetting process is part of the assurance we give our customers. We'll review your past experience so customers can feel confident enough to trust you and your level of expertise



fill in our application form

We and your future customers want to get to know you. Tell us about yourself and your experience to date, to make sure we're a perfect match!



with a brillea manager

Your set of skills is all the knowledge and tools you've collected along the way that make you an expert marketer. Let us know about them



upto £1,200 per month

Start making magic. We’re here to back you up with technology, management tools, and a dedicated manager. Your success is our succes.

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Frequently asked questions

You will be given a dedicated marketing expert to ensure your ads are managed and optimised to brillea's high standards.

They will be on hand to answer any queries and guide you through our process, share insights from the previous month and make recommendations on what to test and change next month. On average you will get 15 hours a month of the marketing expert, our AI driven platform takes care of the rest.

brillea is primarily for B2C businesses due to our expertise of Facebook/Instagram & Google marketing. These allow brillea to easily reach at least 80% of your target audience.

If you’re a B2B business but think your potential customers are easily found on Facebook/Instagram or just want to focus on Google Paid Search, brillea works just as well too. As there’s no fixed term contract and you can cancel at any time, its easy to trial brillea and see whether it works for you.

With brillea, you have to choose a single objective which will have its own dedicated KPI

These are as follow

For online sales = Cost per sale

For new customer acquisition = Cost per customer acquired

Sign ups = Cost per sign up

App downloads = Cost per app install.

You can't unfortunately mix and match objectives or KPIs.

Ahhhhhhh, the dreaded attribution word!

If you’re asking, you probably know that there is no ideal attribution methodology and they all have their pros and cons. So to keep things simple, brillea uses the primary attribution method determined and recommended by each platform:

Facebook & Instagram = 24 hour view though or last click attribution

Google Search = Last click attribution

brillea exists to support businesses that are making a net positive impact on society. This means we won’t work with anything related to:

  • porn
  • gambling
  • smoking/vaping
  • anything targets children under 16
  • anything that’s likely to promote obesity or health issues in general

We recognise there will always be grey areas that can be morally ambiguous, so if you’re in any doubt, please get in touch.

So far, brillea is available just in the UK and USA. However we’re looking to roll out to other countries soon. So if you have interest in another country, get in touch and let us know.

brillea is perfect for a wide range startups and small businesses looking to get more customers, sales, signups or app downloads.

However since you've asked, there are a few tick boxes for the business

The mandatory stuff

  • Must be B2C
  • They need UK customers
  • Have some budget and can afford at least £2k a month on marketing (including brillea)
  • Obviously needs to have a significant chunk of their business online

Some nice to haves

  • Purpose driven (these are the guys we really want to help)
  • Ideally they’re an existing businesses and already gone through the painful bit of launching
  • People you’d also want to work with! If they’re not, they probably wouldn’t be for brillea either :)

Facebook, Instagram and Google collectively allow brillea to reach and target at least 80% of your customers. They also offer the best creative and testing opportunities and can genuinely provide some awesome results.

We don't waste your money chasing other marketing channels and tacticts that aren't proven and where there's not a high likilihood we can achieve some great results for you.